Payment Options

By using Klarna Checkout, Fritidsfabriken can offer plenty of payment options. Most of them are free! All countries have different payment options, you can see the selection for your country in checkout step 3. Fritidsfabriken only offers Klarna's Business Invoice in Sweden. (49sek)

Denmark: If you prefer card payment instead of invoice, please choose E.U. in checkout.

If you have any questions about your bill or payment contact Klarna at:

SE: Telefonnummer: 08-120 120 10
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

NO: Telefon: 21 01 89 91
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

FI: Puhelinnumero: 09-425 99 771
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

DE: Tel: 0221 669 501 10
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

DK: Telefon: 69 91 88 81
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

UK: Local number: 020 300 50833
Free phone number: 0808 189 3333
FAQ & Chat/E-mail

Invoice - Pay after delivery

Classic, simple and secure payments. When shopping with Klarna Invoice you always get your goods before you pay. You will never pay for something that is wrong or doesn't show up. It is simple, safe and practical.

Do you want to split your payments? It is easy. The only thing you need to do is pay a lower amount than the invoice amount, we will move you automatically to flexible payment. very smooth.

Part Payment

Just as when using invoice, you get the goods before you pay. You can choose to split your payment in 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. You know what your monthly cost will be - and you know when the whole amount is cleared.

When using part payment you get all of your Klarna purchases on a smart monthly invoice. It gives you a good overview and you pay only one administration fee. Pretty smooth, huh? You can at any time change to account, by simply paying a lower or higher amount than what is written on your bill. Read terms and conditions on

Account - Pay at your own pace

Most of us don't have the same expenses every month. Therefore, it can be nice to decide how much you want to pay. Sometimes as little as possible and sometimes a larger sum. Maybe even all of it. Read terms and conditions on

Bank Transfer

Wire the exact amount directly from your online bank. Quick and easy!

Credit Card

You can pay with debit card or credit card, see which cards is accepted in your country in checkout step 3.

Business Invoice (Sweden Only)

Companies can use our Business Checkout. Choose between Klarna 30-Days Business Invoice, card payment or Bank Transfer. This option costs 49 sek.

For all other EU countries we offer free card payment by Payson! Choose "EU" in the checkout, verify step 1 and 2. In step 3, fill in your personal information and select your country.