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What does Hypershell mean?

Hypershell® is RevolutionRace's own brand, a collective term for all materials that we have developed ourselves. What then distinguishes the materials is the concept that comes afterwards. We have different concepts on different materials, all of which present unique properties.

• Hypershell® Denim: Cotton-free durable fabric.
• Hypershell® SS: Water repellent softshell.
• Hypershell® Pro Stetch: A durable super stetchy fabric.
Hypershell® membrane
Hypershell® membranes are available in three different levels: Core, Performance and Pro. We have equipped each RevolutionRace garment with a premium Hypershell® membrane to suit the garment's intended use, optimized for different activities and weather.
• Hypershell® Core 5 - 10 000 mm
• Hypershell® Performance 10 - 15 000 mm
• Hypershell® Pro 15 - 30 000 mm

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