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Join our great adventure

Since day one, we’ve dreamed of unleashing our inner adventurers and go on an expedition tour all kitted from top to toe in our own clothes and gear. This dream has come true - in just a short, short period of time we’ll be launching our very own backpacks and shoes! Of course we had no choice but to go on an expedition tour and try out all of our gear for real. Excited to find out which hiking clothes we loved the most, and why? Continue reading and get inspired 😍

The perfect clothes for an expedition

Hiker in the mountains with Trekker Fleece and Helium Down Jacket

Bas' favorite

Content Specialist/Hiking enthusiast

“I’m outdoors a lot; whether it’s going camping, walking the dog or working as the in-house photographer for RevolutionRace. No matter the adventure, I’ve always had the same problem - a backpack that’s got too much stuff in it. The Helium Down Jacket is perfect for me, because I can always jam it into a small air pocket somewhere in my backpack.”

icon-checkmark.svg  A standalone jacket or a warming midlayer when the temperature is dropping
icon-checkmark.svg  Takes up minimal space in your backpack

icon-checkmark.svg  Is lightweight yet durable, find a better combo!


I want my own Helium Down Jacket

Angelina's favorite

Creative Manager/Nature Lover

“The jacket that literally works for… EVERYTHING and all year around without losing its charm. Hiball got it all, doesn’t it? Soft, fleece-lined, water repellant and not to forget, it comes in the most amazing colors! Another huge plus is that it can wear and tear without loosing either fit or quality! A safe card no matter the weather or season.”

icon-checkmark.svg  Fleece-lined for colder temperatures
icon-checkmark.svg  Wind- and water repellant

icon-checkmark.svg  The definition of durable!
I need a Hiball in my life

Female hiker with Pine Green Hiball Jacket

Hiker with water- and windproof Cyclone Rescue Jacket 2.0 and pants

Frank's favorite

Guide /Mountain Search Rescue Trainer

“As a guide in the Alps, the right clothes and gear are a must. It’s incredibly important to feel both safe and keep calm if anything were to happen. I therefore love the Cyclone Set with inbuilt Recco reflectors, making you searchable if you get lost in the Alps or avalanches. You know what they’re saying - better safe than sorry!”

icon-checkmark.svg  Recco-reflectors, making you searchable at all times
icon-checkmark.svg  Wind- and waterproof for unexpected showers or heavy winds

icon-checkmark.svg  Extremely breathable


Show me Cyclone!

Colorful hikers in the alps with Flex Down Jacket

Close-up of Flex Down Jacket in orange color

The "IT"-jacket

Since all of us in team RevolutionRace have a hard time standing still (believe it or not), there’s one jacket that we agreed on stood out a bit extra - Flex Down Jacket.
icon-checkmark.svg  The stretchiest jacket we’ve got
icon-checkmark.svg  Insulating and warming

icon-checkmark.svg  Water repellent for those lighter showers
Take me to Flex Down Jacket!