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RVRC Adventure

Winterfun in Sälen, Sweden


A winter adventure like none other

A while ago, we decided to test our garments in really tough conditions and went to a wintry Sälen, north of Sweden, where everything from minus degrees and snowstorms to frosty, sunny days was on the agenda. In a cabin without electricity, it was incredibly important to wear the right clothes in order to keep warm, day and night. Which garments we recommend the most? Scroll on and we'll tell you more!

The best clothes for a winter adventure

Q&A with Niclas

Co-founder of RevolutionRace

What was the best thing about the adventure?

We had fantastic days at Fulufjället, Sälen! It was valuable to get a feel for what it is like to live without electricity and water, and learn how to take care of the dogs that sleep outdoors in -4°F. We had the opportunity to test both new and existing products in really cold and windy weather and received valuable feedback from the guides who are diligent users of our clothes.

Favorite garment?

I really like our fleece-lined Softshell set, the Hiball Jacket and Pants. They’ve got a great balance between water repellency, ventilation and insulation, and work perfectly for colder days, all year round. I also wore the Fuse Merino wool base layer and a Trekker Fleece as a mid layer, and it worked perfectly. During the coldest day, I also put on our Helium Down Jacket for extra insulation. The only time I felt cold was at the outhouse in 1°F (and when we took ice baths after the sauna in the evenings)!

Get the Hiball Set

Our best tips for when the cold weather hits

Dressing according to the layer on layer principle is a prerequisite for withstanding severe cold. Depending on how cold it is, you can vary the number of layers, but we recommend always having at least one base layer, a mid layer and an outer layer. It’s better to dress too warm rather than too cold, this way you can easily peel off a layer or two if you get too hot. Start with the three categories below and add a layer if you wish!


Base layer

Preserve your body heat with the right base layer! We recommend:

icon-snowflake.pngBambooskin 50°F to 32°F
icon-snowflake.pngFuse Merino 32°F to 14°F

BambooskinFuse Merino


Mid layer

Add extra warmth with a hoodie or fleece. We recommend:

icon-snowflake.pngElements Set 50°F to 32°F
icon-snowflake.pngTornado Hoodie 32°F to 14°F

Elements Set Tornado Hoodie


Shell layer

Keep away rain and wind with a shell set. We recommend:

icon-snowflake.pngWhisper Set Water Column 20 000 mm
icon-snowflake.pngCyclone Set Water Column 15 000 mm

Cyclone SetWhisper Set

Stay warm from head to toe

Durable socks, sturdy gloves and warming beanies; here you’ll find all the accessories you may need for a successful winter adventure!

Guide to clothes for winter weather

Our trip to Fulufjället consisted of frosty nights, windy days and intense activities, and our clothes really got to show their functions and features to the fullest.

No matter what adventure you’re on to next: make sure you’re always prepared with durable, high-quality and above all warming clothes that you can really rely on. Check out our guide to the right clothes for winter weather!

To our Winter weather guide

Join us on a day of dog sledding!

Have you always dreamed of rushing through wintry landscapes and watching the sun go down over the treetops? Hear the dogs' eager howls as they impatiently wait to take full speed ahead?

Yes, going dog sledding was definitely on our bucket list and something that we're incredibly grateful to have experienced. Check out this cozy movie from our day with a bunch of four-legged fellas - we guarantee you a smile on your face.

Dogs, right? 🐶🤍


In addition to test our garment in real conditions, we also had an awesome adventure with many incredible experiences. If we can recommend going on a snowy adventure in Fulufjället, Sälen? A 100% yes!