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A Responsible Race

Since 2020, our sustainability efforts have been rooted in our “A Responsible Race” strategy focusing on six priority areas.

We make high-quality and multifunctional products to be worn often and long and during many different activities. We produce under strict chemical guidelines. We work with circularity in mind and have set ambitious targets on overproduction and more sustainable materials and packaging. We focus on the well-being and development of our employees. We have set CO2e reduction targets for 2030 and prioritized where we must reduce emissions. With our comprehensive due diligence work, we strive to assure our suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility.

“Nature will remain our playground” only if we act jointly and urgently. 

Check out the Sustainability Report [ENG] here


Our six priority areas


Durable and safe products

Sustainable products are the core of “A Responsible Race.” Its founding principles are to design for sustainability by producing durable and safe products that can be worn by the consumer often. We produce high-quality timeless products that are safe to use for our customers and safe for our suppliers to manufacture. 


Circularity of resources

We have focused on manufacturing as sustainable products as possible in the sense that they will last for a long time and be free from harmful chemicals, and we encourage our consumers to wear their RevolutionRace products often. A product that has been worn 100 times is 10 times more sustainable than a product that has only been worn 10 times. We conserve the use of resources, seek more sustainable and recycled materials and minimize overproduction.


Climate protection

Protecting the planet and people from pollution, water shortages, and climate change is an urgent priority for our stakeholders and us. The environmental impact we have from our own operations is small. The water, electricity, and heating that our employees use and the waste they generate at our 1,000-square-metre headquarters in Borås are minimal. Our impact derives from our supply chain partners producing fibers for our fabrics, dyeing and printing fabrics, sewing our products, and transporting them to our warehouses and customers. We can reduce our impact through our conscientious choices of materials, transport modes, and production solutions and by working with our suppliers on improvements that make a real difference. We measure our emissions and strive to achieve our reduction targets for 2030.


Environmental responsibility

We prioritize our work on environmental protection in the supply chain based on our due diligence risk screening and the environmental principles defined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. Our suppliers must measure and report on their environmental impacts and implement initiatives to reduce their impacts. RevolutionRace provides support by sharing knowledge and by cooperating to implement lower-impact processes whenever possible.


Inspired employees

We work for employee well-being and development through good leadership, inclusivity, and equal opportunity. Our people management policy is described in our Code of Conduct, Personnel Handbook, and Work Environment Policy. These policies define the principles for how we act in our daily work and in business relations. The Code of Conduct describes what we expect from our employees and what they can expect from RevolutionRace. It contains fundamental principles of human rights, such as non-discrimination, occupational safety, prohibition of forced labor and child labor, and principles of environmental protection, animal welfare, and business ethics, including free competition and avoidance of conflicts of interest.


Social responsibility in the supply chain

We work for human rights and good labor conditions throughout our supply chain. Our impact on people and the environment in the supply chain happens outside of our operations. Our principles are defined in our supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on the UN Declaration of Human rights, the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Core Labour conventions, and the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact defining core principles, such as fair remuneration, decent working hours, no forced labor or child labor. Our Supplier Code of Conduct also applies to all subcontractors of the manufacturers.

We contribute to four global sustainable development goals (SDG:s)

In 2015, the United Nations defined 17 global goals for sustainable development by 2030. Our “A Responsible Race” strategy directly addresses four of the Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Equality, Decent work, and economic growth, Responsible consumption and production, and Climate action. With our strategy, we address our most material topics and contribute to the sustainable development of society by reducing the negative impacts of our business activities and contribute to lasting improvements where possible.


Our strategy, as seen through four main pillars

Our sustainability work permeates everything we do, but it always starts with our core - our product - to later involve the well-being and development of our employees, environmental responsibility by resource management for the sake of our planet, and constant work for human rights, good labour conditions and the protection of our planet along with our supply chain as well as other partners. 

Want to learn more?

This is a brief summary of the immense work made daily at RevolutionRace regarding sustainability. Visit our Corporate Web to deep-dive into our Sustainability work and our strategy for making it happen. Please keep in mind, the Sustainability Report and the contents of our Corporate Web are, at the moment, only available in English and Swedish.