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Hondo M. Verified buyer
Measurements: 6'0", 172lb
Highly versatile, comfy, airy and stretchy. Love ‘em!
I like these pants so much that I bought a few pairs off of Amazon and then directly from RVRC since RVRC also offered free shipping to Hawaii. Gave a few pairs away as gifts, and everybody loved them. Only negative complaint is that RVRC can do a better job with managing all the “stray threads” that I need to cut off with scissors or burn off with a lighter. Every pair of RVRC GP Pro Pants that I received had way too many “stray threads.” Since these pants are kind of pricey, I would expect that there would be better quality control regarding “stray threads.” Also, the sizing runs small on the waist and legs, so order a size up! I’m 6 feet tall, and 170 pounds. Size Large fits me perfectly. I will replace all of my military tactical pants with these pants for everyday wear or hiking around the Big Island and volcano. -Aloha
Hondo bought:
RVRC GP Pro Pants
Earth Pixel, Size L
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Kohilam R. Verified buyer
Measurements: 6'0", 201lb
Trekking pants
Lived up to its claim
Kohilam bought:
Wander Pro Pants
Mud, Size 2XL
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Michael A. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'11", 254lb
RVRC GP Pro Zip-off Pants Men Bison Red
Love these pants. Love the color. Love the quality. Very happy to have zip off pants for a solid outdoor type pants. The 4 stars is for the tight fit. Although, my ass may have a lot to do with that.
Michael bought:
RVRC GP Pro Zip-off Pants
Bison Red, Size 2XL
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Umit S. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'9", 194lb
Perfect pant for outdoor activities
Quality of pant is looks great but need to time say it’s perfect 😃 after wearing it in my hiking , I will share my review. Size fit me perfectly, just a little bit long but it’s ok.
Umit bought:
Nordwand Pants
Petrol, Size XL
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Christy D. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'4", 159lb
Stretch Belt
The Revolution Race Stretch Belt is fantastic. It is extremely well made and offers flexibility in size. Since the buckle slides (no holes), it easy pairs with whatever pants I am wearing. It is also perfect for outdoors because it is so flexible. The woven material is easy to clean and dry. I highly recommend.
Christy bought:
Stretch Belt
Anthracite, Size One Size
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Cathi R. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'3"
Perfect hiking shorts
In a word, pockets! These shorts have not only full size pockets but there’s room for your phone and other essentials as well. The fit is comfortable and they dry quickly. If you spend time outdoors then these should be your go to shorts.
Cathi bought:
Nordwand Shorts
Anthracite, Size 2XL
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JESSICA G. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'10"
Nice Joggers
Very nice joggers. Style is very sleek. Used for multiple events or days out. Draw back is the size of leg openings. They are very tight, would like elastic around ankles.
JESSICA bought:
Street Jogger
Black, Size M
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russell b. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'9", 273lb
Product looks as advertised
The fit was way too tight on the arms and across the shoulders. I am heavy for my height but carry most of my weight lower part of my body.this hoodie felt like a large not a 2x.
russell bought:
Tornado Hoodie
Mustard, Size 2XL
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Jordan S. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'7", 141lb
Love these pants!
I’ve been searching for a pair of pants I could teach motorcycle classes in. Needed pockets, flexibility without being too thin and breathability - these things are awesome! They fit a little snug to start, and I wouldn’t say stretch out - but I’d say they break in everywhere you need them to. Adjustable waist is so forgiving and comfortable. Love the colors - I could go on! I will be buying more pairs. - sizing wise, I am straight in hips and waist, and average thighs.
Jordan bought:
Nordwand Pants
Mossgrey, Size M
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Brett Z. Verified buyer
Measurements: 5'10", 159lb
Silence proshell
Haven’t worn it much yet but it’ll get tested in the coming days. Nor’easter type weather in Virginia Beach expected this weekend. Not typical for may but it’ll let me test the jacket.only worn it in light rain so far but she’s it w/no problem. So far fit is great & seems plenty equipped to withstand incoming weather. Not expecting any problems. Bought one for my girlfriend too so we’ll both be testing next couple of days. Fully expecting to purchase matching pants
Brett bought:
Silence Proshell Jacket
Rusty Orange 2.0, Size M
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