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Spending time in nature is the ultimate way to recharge your batteries and fuel up with new energy. Regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced hiker, we’ll guide you through all parts of hiking. From the best clothes and gear to how to prepare for all kinds of weather - all you need for those upcoming adventures out there!
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How to dress for a hike 
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Other great hiking pants

Zip-off Pants

With removable legs, you’ll go from pants to shorts in seconds. Perfect for shifting temperatures or when the hike gets tougher.

Typhoon Pants

Fits perfectly over your regular hiking pants, keeping you dry at all times. The pants store in their own pocket and therefore take up minimum space in your bag!

 Zip-Off Pants.        Typhoon Pants   

Our best hiking jackets

Cyclone Rescue Jacket 2.0

Our Cyclone Jacket is both wind- and waterproof, breathable and ventilating. The ultimate jacket for all kinds of occasions and weather.

Hiball Jacket

This super-breathable jacket has a thin fleece lining which makes it perfect for colder days. It’s both water repellent and ventilating, in other words 
great for hiking.


 Cyclone Jacket        Hiball Jacket 

Stay warm during the whole adventure

Illusion Hoodie

This fleece is strong, durable and has an athletic fit. It’s super stretchy and is well suited for tougher hikes.

Tornado Fleece

Our warmest fleece, with a super stretch Softshell for a perfect fit. It's the ultimate for tougher outdoor activities.

Illusion Hoodie        Tornado Fleece

How to light a fire

Needing tips on how to light a campfire while hiking or exploring? We’ve gathered them here for you!

Learn how to light a fire

Stay hydrated while hiking

Want to learn how to purify water found in rivers and lakes when on your adventure? We have some essential tips for you!

How to purify water

Your most common questions

> What should I bring on a day hike?

Always make sure you have a charged phone if there is an accident and you need to call for help. Depending on where you are hiking, it can also be good to tell another person where you’re going, and when you are expected to be back. When it comes to packing, there is never anything wrong with a lunch bag and a thermos with your favorite drink. If you are unsure of the amount of water you’ll need, bring a little extra. Do not forget to check the weather before, and bring an extra mid layer or a shell jacket in case the weather turns. Last but not least, do not forget blister prevention patches, they can save both yours and your friends' hiking trip.

> What are hybrid pants?

Hybrid pants consist of two or more materials, where the different materials together optimize the function of the pants. An example is our GP Pro Pants, which consist of reinforced parts that are extra durable and water-repellent, and stretch parts for comfort and ventilation.

> How do I choose the right hiking pants?

It’s important to keep in mind what kind of climate and terrain you will walk in. What weather you may encounter and what temperature it is. In the summer, it is important to have plenty of ventilation or, for example, zip-off pants if it is expected to be hot. For rainy or windy days, a pair of shell pants are the perfect choice, while on a sunny summer day, that can be too hot. To cover as many weather conditions as possible, it is smart to use the layering principle. In colder weather and minus degrees, it is smart to have a base layer that can keep the body heat close and at the same time release body moisture. If it rains or blows heavily, a pair of shell pants over your regular hiking pants is good for protection from the weather. No pants are perfect for all types of weather, but with a base layer, hiking pants, and a pair of shell pants, there is almost nothing to stop you from heading out on your next adventure.

> How should I wash my hiking pants / outdoor pants?

You wash them in 40 degree color wash. You can tumble dry them, but keep in mind that high heat can affect the stretch parts. However, we recommend tumble drying on low heat to reactivate the DWR-treatment (for extra water- and dirt repellency) as needed. The effect of the treatment decreases after a certain number of washes and therefore we recommend that you use our water repellent spray or wax to extend the protection (note, preferably do not wax the stretch material as it is difficult to get the wax evenly on those parts).