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Hiking the 3 Lakes Trail in Obertauern, Austria: A family adventure

September 11, 2023

Hey there, fellow adventure seekers! If you're all about mountain treks, stunning lake views, and even some playground fun along the way, you're in for a treat. Let me take you on a journey through the magical 3 Lakes Trail in Obertauern, Austria - a family-friendly hike that's got it all. Oh, and did I mention our two boys, aged 10 and 12, joined us on this unforgettable escapade?

Getting ready for the Journey

First things first, let's talk prep. Before lacing up those hiking boots, we did some homework. We downloaded the route from the Obertauern website and checked the weather forecast – we wouldn't want to be caught in a downpour unprepared. Good hiking shoes, comfy clothing, and a trusty rain jacket were essential. And of course, we threw in our swimsuits and microfiber towels because, guess what, the Krummschnabelsee had a delightful surprise waiting for us.

Stepping into adventure

Off we went, starting our 7-kilometre round from the village. The hike took around 3 hours – a perfect length for families and a huge dose of nature's goodness. The trail led us past three charming mountain lakes: Hundsfeldsee, Krummschnablsee, and Grünwaldsee. – it's like Mother Nature's postcard at every turn. The trail is pretty straightforward, mainly well-marked paths that are quite hiker-friendly, wide and easy to follow, with a bit of everything to keep things interesting.

The kid-approved high point

Now, the best part – the kids were over the moon with the playgrounds sprinkled along the trail. From sup boarding on Krummschnabelsee to exploring the Grünwaldsee with watercraft, they were in their element. Oh, and that marble run and other play equipment? They were on cloud nine. The Krummschnabelsee swim stole the show, becoming the ultimate highlight of the hike.

Tips for your own adventure

Are you planning to follow in our footsteps? Timing-wise, spring through early autumn is your green light. Comfortable hiking shoes and layers of clothing for changing weather are must-haves. And if you're toting little adventurers along, this trail is their playground. Ages 6 and up, even with a stroller, can conquer it with ease.

A heartwarming experience

Summing up our hiking journey, I must say that the 3 Lakes Trail left quite a mark on me. The panoramic mountain views, the tranquillity of the lakes, and the pure joy of a refreshing swim – an experience that sticks. So, if you're looking for a hike that's equal parts awe-inspiring and family-friendly, this one's a no-brainer.

In a nutshell

The 3 Lakes Trail in Obertauern is more than just a hike; it's a memory-making adventure waiting for you and your loved ones. With its mesmerising vistas, easy-to-follow paths, and chances for a splash in the crystal-clear waters, it's a journey that ticks all the boxes. So grab your hiking gear, pack some snacks, and get ready to make memories that'll last a lifetime. And remember, the mountains are calling, and they've got a grand adventure waiting just for you!

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