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Our business model





We don’t care for middlemen.


Our business model is really pretty simple. We only sell our outdoor clothes online, directly to our customers. By cutting out agents and retailers from the mix, we can get new products to market faster. While other brands typically need a year for new product development, it only takes us six months. A faster, slimmer process without middlemen means that we can offer high-quality clothes with a reasonable price tag. 





Responsibility at every stage


Many other brands change their entire range every year, which leads to a large loss among the products that are left in stock. Instead, we keep most of our models all year round and are constantly working to adjust and improve the design based on customer feedback. We eliminate waste by selling each garment in a collection before it ends. And our products are timeless; they do not become obsolete just because the season changes.

Customer impact


Did you know that our engaged online community is actively involved in our product development? By sharing honest reviews and commenting in our social media, you too can have a say when we decide on new colours or upgrades. 

Together we make our products even better, so that you can get outside and play. 

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