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Kungsleden: Ammarnäs to Hemavan

28 September 2022

This hike is known for being a beautiful, high-quality trek, making it a Swedish Tourist Association (STF) signature trail. This hike goes through the Vindelfjällen nature reserve. At Tärnasjön, you will hike through the archipelago over seven suspension bridges, and the walk through Syterpasset has been dubbed the ‘most stunning and dramatic’ for its peaks that are 1,700m above sea level. 

As the final and southernmost part of the Kungsleden trial, the range of flora and fauna is surely worth the wait and each section has its own highlight to discover. Hikers should also be aware and considerate of the reindeer that dwell in the area.

Quick facts 

Total distance:
78 km

Hiking days:
6 days, 6-8 hours hiking per day

Length of sections:
8-19 km per day

Hiking sections between Ammarnäs and Hemavan 

Ammarnäs to Aigert 

Length: 8 km
Hiking time: 2-3 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

At just 8km, this hike is one of the shortest of the Kungsleden trail, but that does not mean it is not challenging as the path you tread will be steep! The northernmost landscape is even described as having one of the best views of the whole trail. 

Starting in Ammarnäs, you will cross a bridge over the Vindelälven river before heading up through the forest. When you reach the halfway point, make sure to take in the stunning views of the Ammarnäs delta.  

The STF Aigert Mountain Cabin is located at Mount Äijvisåive, which is a sacred mountain in Sámi tradition. The cabins provide amenities such as a sauna, a shop, and a guest kitchen. If you prefer camping, there are campsites opposite the lake at STF Aigert. 

 Aigert to Serve 

Length: 20 km
Hiking time: 5-7 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

The longest section of the fifth hike. After leaving the STF Aigert mountain cabin, walk along the water towards Lill-Aigert (Little Aigert), where you can find a stunning view of the marshes at Tjulträsket. At Juovvatjåhkka, there is an opportunity to rest. Depending on the season, it is also possible to hike to the peak of Stor-Aigert (Big Aigert). 

Be careful of uneven terrain as you leave the rest stop, after a while you will reach the Vuomatjhkkas shelter. After passing through a birch forest, you must cross the bridge at the Servvejuhkka river. The Servvejuhkka river boasts impressive waterfalls, a true gem of nature.  

Finally, you will arrive at STF Serve mountain cabin, which offers accommodation and camping. Camping spots can be found just to the west of the cabin and alongside the Servvejuhkka river. 

Serve to Tärnasjö 

Length: 14 km
Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

Expect hills here, but the high ground offers some incredible views in and around the forest by Lake Tärnasjö. If you are into fishing, many smaller areas of the water have been made accessible for avid anglers. You may also swim here if you like.  

The highest point of your journey is halfway, at 900m above sea level, from here you must make your way downhill where you will find the STF Tärnasjö mountain cabin. Towards the east of STF Tärnasjö, there are mountain slopes in which you can find rare types of sedge and grass. 

Tärnasjö to Syter 

Length: 14 km
Hiking time: 4-5 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

This hike crosses the archipelago of Lake Tärnasjö over several bridges before you get to the STF Syter mountain cabin. This is dubbed as one of the most beautiful areas along Kungsleden. Some parts of the trail offer you wooden walkways to ease your steps.  

Most interestingly, the south of Lake Tärnasjö at Vindelfjälen is made up of hundreds of Rogen moraines, creating a vast range of tiny islands. It is also a sanctuary to many birds.  

From there, you will go around 4km up a steep incline to reach STF Syter. At 1,768m above sea level, you will also get to see the Norra Sytertoppen mountain peak, a historical favourite. 

Syter to Viterskalet 

Length: 12 km
Hiking time: 3-4 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

The most notable aspect of this section is the valley of Syterskalet, which offers magnificent mountain skiing, accommodation, hiking and cycling trails, winter activities such as skating, food, drink, and even shopping! 

Before you reach Syterskalet, you will need to cross the Svärfarbäcken stream via the bridge. Go uphill towards Sjul-Olsaxeln until you meet a junction of paths - this is where you can head towards the impressive Syterskalet. To then head towards the STF Viterskalet mountain cabin, follow the Syterbäcken stream in a southward direction.  

There is also a hiking trail from the STF Syter mountain cabin that will also take you to Viterskalet. This route passes by Sytertoppen, which stands at 1,768m above sea level. It is recommended that you only choose this route if you are an experienced hiker, and the weather forecast is clear. 

Viterskalet to Hemavan 

Length: 10 km
Hiking time: 3-4 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

Here ends the final section of the Kungsleden trail. After the cabin in Viterskalet, head south towards the piedmonts of Västra Syterbäcken and Södra Sytertoppen. You can then make your way uphill towards the Hemavan Tärnaby ski resort. 

From Tärnaby, you then have the option to take a longer walk towards the Naturum visitor centre in Hemavan – which also doubles as the southern starting point of Kungsleden. 

How do I get there?

To Ammarnäs

Take the train to Umeå or Östersund. From Umeå, go bus to Lyksele. From Lyksele, change to the bus to Sorelse and then finally, take the bus to Ammarnäs. From Östersund,you can take the bus to Sorsele and then thebus to Ammarnäs. In the summer, Inlandsbanan (a Swedish travel company) has a train between Östersund and Gällivare that stops in Sorsele. From Sorsele, you can go straight to Ammarnäs by bus.If you wish, you can fly to Lykselse, Östersund and Umeå.

To Hemavan

You can fly directly to Hemavan from Stockholm Arlanda airport. A taxi can get you from the airport to Hemavan mountain station or HemavanTärnaby Fjällcenter .You can also go by train to Umeå and from there, take the bus to Hemavan.