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Kungsleden: Saltoluokta to Kvikkjokk

September 28, 2022

The trail to Kvikkjokk starts in Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke national park and continues the outskirts of Sarek national park. This section allows you to see a range of nature’s best creations – forests, moors, lakes, and mountains galore! There are also plenty of opportunities here to learn about the Sámi people and enjoy their cultural history with them.

The trail passes over two lakes where you need to take a boat. The boat departs twice daily, one time in the morning and one time in the afternoon. You can find all the departure information further down in the individual sections. Along this section of Kungsleden reindeer husbandry is common. Remember to show respect. 

Quick Facts  

Total distance:

4 days, 3-9 hours hiking per day. 

Length of sections:
10-22 km per day. 

Possible detour to Skierfe – a mountain in Sarek national park with spectacular views. 

Hiking sections between Saltoluokta and Kvikkjokk

Saltaluokta to Sitojaure 

Length: 19 km
Hiking time: 6-8 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

You will begin at STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station, amongst great views of pine trees and mountain birches. Be careful on your way up towards Sitojaure, as the mountainside can be steep at first! Once the trail evens out, you will enjoy vast moors until you reach the rest stop at Autsutjvagge, where there is a stove and firewood if needed.  

Once moving on from the rest stop, you will pass the route’s highest point at 775m above the sea level! The trail goes down Sjäksjos mountain before you come to the STF Sitojaure mountain station. The station is next to a Sámi settlement and in certain seasons, the Sámi locals offer regular boat services for hikers. 

Sitojaure to Aktse (via Svine)

Length: 10 km
Hiking time: 3-4 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

You will need to go by boat for the first part of this section, over lakes Kaskajaure and Kåbtajaure. The boat is privately run. From Svine, where there is a mountain shelter, you will then continue to Aktse on foot.  

With a steep ascent ahead of you, when you reach Tåresåive, you will see the Rapadalen valley, the Sarekfjällen mountains, and even the famous Skierfeklippan mountain, which you can take a detour to if the weather is good.  The last section to the STF Aktse mountain cabin is a steep, downhill descent. 

Aktse to Pårte 

Length: 22 km
Hiking time: 7-9 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: Yes

You need to go by boat over the lake Laitaure. The ride takes around 15 minutes by motorboat and there are boat rides run by STF. There are also rowing boats that you can use to cross the lake, but due to the lake’s size and the weather’s unpredictability, we recommend only choosing this option if you are experienced with watersports. 

Once the lake has been crossed, you will begin your walk through Sarek National Park towards STF Pårte mountain cabin. Sarek National Park is considered as the country’s largest wilderness area and some safety rules apply to protect yourself and the nature around you. Rittak, about halfway into your journey, there is a rest stop and once you are done here, you will continue towards the pass that sits between Faunaåive and Huornatj.  

The final stretch of your journey towards STF Pårte you will pass through a beautiful coniferous forest, that has remained perfectly preserved for many centuries. 

Pårte to Kvikkjokk 

Length: 17 km
Hiking time: 6-8 hours
Boat or Bus Availability: No

Cross the Tjåltajåkka bridge and prepare yourself for an uneven, rough path which is worth it for the view along Lake Stuor Tata! In the warmer seasons, it is recommended you pick your accommodation or campsite close to the lake. Passing the Pårek Sámi settlement, you have the option to detour towards Pårekslätten. If you are an avid birdwatcher, there is a variety of birds in large numbers in this area. 

As you reach the STF Kvikkjokk mountain station are easy, hikers are advised to be cautious in heavy rain conditions, as the Tingstallstenen is prone to minor flooding. 

How do I get there?

To Saltoluokta

Take the train to Gällivare and then go by bus to Kebnats. STF runs a boat from Kebnats to STF Saltoluokta mountain station.

To Kvikkjokk

Go by train to Murjek. Then take the bus to Jokkmokk and change to the bus to Kvikkjokk.